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Data loss prevention: NHS, can you afford not to comply?

May 31st, 2013 by ProcessFlows

Data loss prevention NHSThe NHS lost track of nearly 1.8 million patient records in a single year, as a result of several data breaches, a Daily Mail investigation reveals. The Information Commissioner’s Office, which has levied fines totalling over £1million on NHS bodies, is asking for powers to conduct compulsory audits on hospitals and NHS trusts.

Data loss prevention: NHS, are you able to prove compliance?

All medical institutions in the UK must conform to the Caldicott principles, a set of guidelines established in England and Wales in 1997, to ensure that patient information is secure and confidentiality is not undermined. All hospitals, care homes and home care agencies within the NHS must also safeguard Intellectual Property Rights and the Data Protection Act.

Is your organisation able to prove compliance? Are you protected against data leaks and data theft? When traditional data loss prevention and data software and Acceptable Use Policy fail, Spector360 can help. Only Spector360 monitors, captures and analyses all user and user group activity including email sent and received, chat/IM/BBM, websites visited, applications accessed, web searches,  file transfers and data printed or saved to removable devices.

Spector360 allows Information Security Officers, IT managers and senior management to be able to see and track actions taken on a specific document, to track company owned laptops and mobile devices even when not connected to the network.

Data breach? Act now!

With Spector360’s, comprehensive search functionality, you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for, for example who was copying confidential files, who was printing out patients’ files or who was copying data on external devices.

Spector360 has over 75 predefined reports available and allows you to customise your own. With keyword and event alerts, you will also be automatically informed when an alert has been triggered, allowing you to act rapidly, appropriately, decisively and with confidence. Not six months later, when the auditors are already in the house, but on the spot, so you could immediately prevent wrongdoing and ensure that you will be never caught in a legal bind.

See Spector360 in action

Spector360’s vast functionality and deep-drill reports can only be fully comprehended after a hands-on demonstration. As a GOLD certified SpectorSoft partner, Software Paradise is able to perform evaluation installations, demonstrations and presentations of Spector360. Schedule your demo at now.

SpectorSoft has kindly provided an online based test drive of Spector360 that let’s you take a look at all the great features direct in your browser.

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UK’s Software Paradise appointed as a Gold SpectorSoft Reseller

May 10th, 2013 by ProcessFlows

The UK’s #1 software reseller, Software Paradise, has been appointed GOLD Spectorsoft reseller, adding a number of new products to its constantly growing portfolio – SpectorSoft Spector 360, Spector CNE Investigator, Spector Pro and eBlaster.

Software Paradise Gold SpectorSoft ResellerSpectorSoft is a leading supplier of ‘Insider Threat’ monitoring software for computers and smartphones. Founded in 1998 and currently with over 60,000 enterprise customers worldwide, SpectorSoft helps organisations from all industry sectors to: monitor and protect against leakage of their valuable data & intellectual property, reduce bandwidth consumption, discourage illegal or inappropriate usage of IT resources and increase employee productivity. With constantly evolving threats to security, both internally and externally, existing prevention measures often fail and provide too many false positives. SpectorSoft monitoring software improves security by providing event driven security alerts plus screen recording to forensically prove staff misuse.

Software Paradise is UK’s sole GOLD SpectorSoft reseller and as such is able to provide demos, pre and post-sales support, as well as technical support 9×5 – Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. To contact our certified SpectorSoft representatives, please email or call +44 (0)1962 659168 .

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Employee Monitoring: Save Money in Lost Productivity

May 10th, 2013 by ProcessFlows

Monitor Employees“The workplace of the future will foster creativity, be inspiring and encourage collaboration by enabling people to work from wherever, whenever and on whatever device, so that work becomes something people do, not a place people go”, the Citrix Workplace of the Future report states.

This sounds great, but let’s face it – even in this day and age, the abundance of Internet connectivity provides a multitude of distractions to workers. According to a survey among 3200 respondents, conducted by,  64% of employees visit non-work related websites every day during work hours.

At the workplace, time is money

A recent Gallup poll found that the average employee spends over 75 minutes a day using office computers for non-business related activity. Based on the average salary in the UK for 2012 – £26 500 a year – this means that the average employee costs £576.78 in lost productivity to their employer on an annual basis. Just answering a few personal emails, reading the news headlines, a Facebook update here and a tweet there, can easily waste an hour of time each day. Wasting time through Internet activities is a huge hidden cost to business.

So how can businesses ensure that their staff are putting in a full day’s work?

There is a misconception that employee monitoring is only relevant in certain industries. The fact is that any organisation can benefit from monitoring employees. Any organisation which wishes to protect its interests and gain maximum efficiency from employees and IT resources should be looking at this.

SpectorSoft is the recognised leader and pioneer in the computer and Internet monitoring software on the market today. With Spector 360 you can monitor employee desktop activity, ranging from everything they do, right down to event driven recording – be notified any time they type a keyword, or access a particular file or website.

Thanks to Spector 360’s comprehensive search functionality, you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. For example who has been spending the most time on Facebook? Or who searched the web for ‘download mp3’? Who is sending the most webmail? Who is using IM applications most often?


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Software Paradise is SpectorSoft’s sole Gold certified reseller in the UK. To schedule a demo, request pricing or get presales support, please contact .


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SmartPhone Recovery Pro for Businesses: Retrieve and Recover Data From Any iOS or Android Device

April 17th, 2013 by ProcessFlows

SmartPhone Recovery ProLast year MI5 chief Jonathan Evans warned businesses to not underestimate the level of industrial espionage taking place across the world. In today’s world, information is as valuable as cash. In fact corporate espionage costs UK businesses more than 800 million pounds each year. However, companies of all sizes tend to neglect one of the most common perpetrators of data theft – their employees.

Digital documents are portable, easy to copy and can be stolen by employees more easily than paper documents. This fact not only applies to the ease with which electronic files are stolen, but also to the sheer quantity taken. Smartphones – a dangerous combination of storage, data access and ubiquity – are an ideal method of stealing data, but surprisingly most companies do not address this threat at all.

Thanks to SmartPhone Recovery Pro, organisations that provide company-owned handsets to employees can monitor these devices to ensure that they are not being used inappropriately. Businesses can now interrogate iOS and Android devices in-house, at a fraction of the cost charged by forensic agencies.

While policies and technology will prevent casual data theft, determined employees will still steal data. If this occurs, the company will have to prove two things: that the employee took information without permission and that the theft caused harm. SmartPhone Recovery Pro can recover photos, text messages, browsing history, notes, calendar entries, call logs and more directly on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Companies that are not facing data theft issues can also benefit from SmartPhone Recovery Pro. According to the current Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations banks, stockbrokers, investment managers and financial firms, must have their relevant voice conversations and other electronic communications recorded. This includes mobile phone calls and text messages. SmartPhone Recovery Pro can help the companies that are required to comply with FSA’s regulations, employers and employees alike, to backup existing and deleted text messages from their iOS and Android devices.

Software Paradise is an official SmartPhone Recovery Pro reseller, distributing this powerful tool at the best UK price – £43.50.

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SmartPhone Recovery Pro: Recover deleted text messages and more on iOS and Android devices

April 10th, 2013 by ProcessFlows

SmartPhone Recovery Pro is a simple but powerful data recovery tool that can restore various iPhone data direct from the your smartphone. The software features a very clean and straight-forward interface, which lets the user access old contact information, call logs, text messages, photos and more in just a few clicks. With SmartPhone Recovery Pro you can save images directly on your iOS device, but data must be exported to an Excel file first and then manually recorded back onto your iPhone or iPad.

The software is great for personal use, but it’s also very popular among forensic experts working on criminal investigations. SmartPhone Recovery Pro is able to recover vast amounts of crucial information which may have been deleted in an attempt to cover incriminating evidence. Thanks to this application criminal investigators can now examine and assess suspect’s phones in-house at a fraction of the costs charged by forensic recovery organisations currently available on the market.

SmartPhone Recovery Pro pulls out staggering amount of information – browsing history, list of installed apps, photos, notes, calendar history, SMS, contact details, call logs and more. The data is easily manageable and viewable on the PC or Mac screen. SmartPhone Recovery Pro is compatible with the latest iPhone 5 and iOS 6.0.1.

The developer, Enigma Recovery, is going to announce the launch of SmartPhone Recovery for Android in a couple of days. The solution, available on our website, has the same capabilities as the iOS solution and is able to restore and recover SMS, call history, contacts, internet, and map history directly from any Android OS device. Software Paradise is an official SmartPhone Recovery Pro reseller, distributing this powerful tool at the best UK price – £43.50.

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