Print Management: Fuji Xerox integrates facial recognition in printers

December 5th, 2013 by ProcessFlows

Print Management SolutionsFuji Xerox announced the integration of ground breaking facial recognition technology in their new multi-function device line ApeosPort-V C and DocuCentre-V C series.

The new line includes 18 MFD models featuring the new technology called Smart WelcomEyes Advance – a combination of image recognition software, a proximity camera and a heat sensor that detects an approaching user and gets the device to wake up immediately from Sleep Mode. Once the user is done with their printing, copying or faxing activities and walks away, the printer once again enters Sleep Mode to conserve energy.

This incredible technology also offers sophisticated user authentication method through face recognition. The face recognition camera can recognise the face of the user standing in front of the device, making authentication simple and fast.

Reduce Overall Print Costs

Companies that can’t afford to replace their entire printer fleet with the new ApeosPort-V C series can benefit from intelligent printing right away thanks to print management solutions like Safecom Smart Printing. Careless printing practices result in unnecessary spending. With SafeCom organisations can save an astounding 40% of their print budget through:

  • Reducing paper and toner usage to a fraction – no more misprints.
  • Cost-saving print behaviour through optimised colour and duplex print settings
  • Consolidated and standardized printer fleet that reduces administration and maintenance expenses.
  • Accurate cost allocation and procurement through centralised track and report management.

Safecom print management software and hardware provides the secure printing and document accounting solution to companies that need to control and optimise their print environment, enabling them to consolidate their printing infrastructure and reduce operational costs.

Ensure Data Protection with Print Management

One of the main advantages of Safecom is its modular nature, allowing companies to build the print management solution they need and only pay for what they get. SafeCom’s Pull Print module safeguards document confidentiality and unauthorised access to print, scan, copy and e-mail functions. Its user authentication provides air-tight security on all shared MFDs that function as personal printers. SafeCom Pull Print with authentication ensures:

  • Documents are delivered only into the right hands
  • Information is kept confidential. No risk of being left unattended at the printer
  • Users login to access MFP functions, like print, copy, scan and e-mail
  • Users login with a simple swipe their key-card
  • Document collection is safe anytime and anywhere – no “print and sprint”
  • Integration with other enterprise applications and workflows is kept secure through single sign-on
  • Savings of up to 20% on total printing costs

Printer fleet optimisation can provide considerable savings across your business. Being the leading solution provider in Great Britain, ProcessFlows UK Ltd is a premium Nuance partner for the UK and Ireland. We are the exclusive Safecom distributor for South Europe and the Middle East. Email or call 01962 280258 for more information about Safecom print management, technical and pre-sales support.

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