Photo-editing software: Photoshop functionality at a quarter of the price


Photography is more than just a way to capture reality. It’s a tool that is used for creative expression. When taking a photo, the photographer chooses the object, the lens, the conditions, the exposure - everything.

Digital photography makes image processing much simpler, but even if you take a RAW file straight from your memory card and load it on your computer, some processing has already been done to it by the camera itself. The camera’s hardware interprets the sensor image data, applies the white balance, decides how to sharpen, and where to reduce noise. 

Photoshop is not a must have

Photoshop has become a synonym for professional photography. Adobe's creative suite is truly overwhelming, not to mention - expensive! For most photographers, especially those with lower budget, there is an array of photo editing programs that do the same job and cost about 800 pounds less. Check them out:

  • Capture One Pro 7 - The world’s best raw converter - available at 151.2 GBP ex VAT
  • Perfect Portrait 2 - Give each face in your image the specific attention it needs - available at 52 GBP ex VAT
  • Perfect Resize 7.5 Pro - Everything you need to prepare your images for print - available at 84.36 GBP ex VAT
  • Perfect Effects 4 - Easy, fast and powerful way to create images with impact - available at 50.14 GBP ex VAT
  • Panorama Maker 6 - Stich photos and videos into panoramas and view them in 3D - available at 37.55 GBP ex VAT
  • Panorama Maker 5 Pro for Mac - Create stunning panoramas on your Mac - available at 37.55 GBP ex VAT
  • Portrait+ - The world's first auto portrait retoucher - available at 84.96 GBP ex VAT


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