ABBYY FotoReader

Have you ever thought that you can capture text from a photo and transfer it to a computer? ABBYY FotoReader makes it easy.

This smart application will “read” the text on your digital photos and transform it into text files which you can edit and store on your PC. Instead of taking notes, making print copies or retyping the text yourself, let your camera and ABBYY FotoReader do the work!


  • Conversion of photos into Microsoft Word, PDF and other computer files: Capture and re-use texts from photos with just a few clicks. Found some great information in an article, book, presentation or outdoor sign which you’d like to refer to or quote in another document? Simply take a photo, connect your camera to your PC and launch ABBYY FotoReader. The program will convert the photo and transfer the text from the image to computer files which you can edit or save in popular electronic formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.
  • Creation of PDF files from photos: Photograph a magazine article or a stack of business cards and save them as searchable PDF files using ABBYY FotoReader. You can easily find the requested information using standard desktop search functions. 
  • One-click access: The program is very easy to use. Just click on an icon with a pre-defined function, such as “Convert to Microsoft Word” or “Convert to PDF” and receive the resulting document. A set of easy to understand tools is available for improving the results if you wish. No training is necessary! 
  • Direct launch from Microsoft® Word, Excel, Outlook®, and Windows Explorer: You can use FotoReader without leaving Microsoft Word. Simply click on the FotoReader button on the toolbar and select the needed photo graph file. With the FotoReader button in Outlook, you can convert a photo and send the results directly as an e-mail attachment. You can as well convert the photo to text directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking on it. 
  • Better Results with Special ABBYY OCR for Cameras: FotoReader is based on proven technology used in ABBYY’s professional level OCR products. Special OCR for Camera technology is designed for handling specific issues associated with photos of text - for example correcting image distortion and curved text lines – to help increase the quality of your results.


  • Prepare research projects – Photograph book pages instead of making copies. 
  • Remember information from important meetings – Photograph slides and documents instead of taking notes. 
  • Note information while travelling – Capture text on travel schedules, signs or billboards. 
  • Store business cards – Create a searchable PDF file instead of stacks of cards. 
  • Collect any printed data on the go – Simply photograph any interesting text like museum signs or shop’s opening hours.

System Requirements

  • PC with 1GHz processor or higher
  • Microsoft Windows Vista®, Microsoft Windows Server® 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (SP2 or higher recommended). For working with localised interfaces, corresponding language support is required.
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 500 MB of hard-disk space for typical installation and 512 MB of hard-disk space for program operation
  • Digital camera with min. 5 megapixels
  • Video adapter and monitor (1024x768 or higher resolution)

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ABBYY FotoReader

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