AFD BankFinder 1.x Single User

Automated Banking. Cutting Errors and Costs.

Just one sort code error or one digit wrong in a credit card number results in rejected transactions and declined direct debit or standing order payments. 

BankFinder® uses sophisticated checks to prevent these errors and highlight potential fraud while speeding up data entry.

The software is easily implemented on web sites, in retail stores and call centres or on mobile devices. It's valuable in many organisations including utilities, local government and charities.

BankFinder helps you deliver better customer service, sound financial administration, improved accuracy, lower rejection rates and lower costs.

  • Integrates with "Paperless Direct Debit" Systems
  • Enable quick, accurate completion of user payment details
  • Check account number validity for bank branch
  • Identify card type (eg. Visa, AMEX, Maestro)
  • Normalise account numbers to 8 digits
  • Prompt for and validate Roll Numbers for Building Society credits that require them
  • Check sort code exists and is 'live'
  • Identify and correct errors in bank details
  • Invisible Robot delivers bank details wherever postcodes or sort-codes are typed
  • Reverse Search from street & town, STD code, partial postcode or county
  • Advanced Searches include sounds like, ends with and wild card replacement of hard to read characters
  • Works with Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) validation
  • FREE programmer's toolkit enables seamless integration into many programs

BankFinder requires approx 25 Mb fixed disk space. AFD BankFinder will run on Windows 7 / Vista / XP. Minimum 32Mb RAM recommended. The BankFinder API is also available for Unix. 

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AFD BankFinder 1.x Single User

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