Active Listening In English

Presentation and practice of key listening skills

Provides extensive listening practice, cleverly graded to seem authentic. Each unit contains a listening for information task, an interactive situational dialogue, a gap-filling or note-taking task: Active Listening in English: Early Skills Training has been designed to provide learners with a wide variety of realistic listening texts in everyday situations. The five units, graded in terms of difficulty, contain four types of listening task: 1. Listening for Information where the learner must listen for something specific, e.g. food items mentioned by a shopper. 2. Listen and Respond where the learner must take the part of one of the speakers and respond by choosing the most suitable option. Areas covered include meeting people, eating out and booking tickets. 3. Listening and Note-taking where the listener must fill out forms, take messages, complete timetables, etc. 4. General Listening where the learner listens to an interview or talk and must answer gist questions and then specific questions on the text. New features for each exercise include a Match the expressions section (testing lexis from the exercise) and a Language practice section where special spoken features are examined and practised. Sold to hundreds of schools, colleges, universities and language centres worldwide.

Level: Intermediate Versions: British English

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Active Listening In English

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