Bamboo KPI Column

Calculate and display status automatically

The Bamboo KPI Column calculates status based on user-provided progress definitions, and displays the automatically updated results visually. In addition, the included display Web Part allows you to showcase a number of different indicators from a series of columns, giving you a single location to view the status of different projects and tasks.

Each Bamboo KPI Column can be customized and tailored to report status exactly as you define it, so it's easy to create your own ranges, terms, and logic, or adjust which values (goals, actual, etc.) are displayed by the column. If a status is dependent on a calculation, the column can even determine and reference the Sum or Average of all items in a list column.

With the Bamboo KPI Column, there's no need to risk missing a serious issue because the relevant data was lost in a sea of numbers, or wasn't calculated -- let your List do the work, and only present you with the project context you actually care about.

The Bamboo KPI Column is just one of a number of powerful list columns included in the SharePoint Custom Column 6-Pack. The full pack includes a great bundle price on the Lookup Selector, Rich Text, Visual Indicator, Column Level Security, KPI, and Validator columns, and allows you to license the entire collection with a single key. If you're interested in one column, but aren't sure about the rest, try downloading the free 6-Pack trial, which includes 30-day, fully functional demos for each column type.

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Bamboo KPI Column

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