Blue-ray Disc Authoring System

Professional Solutions for 2D and 3D Blu-ray Disc™ authoring

The Sony Blu-print[TM] authoring system is the optimal solution for Blu-ray Disc™ authoring. Designed for professional high-volume production, it provides the flexibility to achieve complex authoring scenarios with great intuition for both the novice and the expert user.

New Stereoscopic 3D features added to Blu-print 6:

    * MVC Support: Base + Dependant 2 ES file
    * Automatic Detection of 3D video vs 2D video
    * Support for 3D PG and IG
    * 1 Plane + Offset
    * Support for 3D Offset Metadata (OFS format)
    * BDN Subtitle format updated
    * 1 to 1 Seamless Connection
    * Seamless Layer Break at Clip Boundary
    * 3D BDJ Object and Application Support
    * Support for Top Aligned and Bottom Aligned Subtitles

Additional new features for 2D and 3D authoring

    * Database Model Upgrade
      Internal application Database allows for faster multiplexing and project updating.
    * Comprehensive XML Template support
      Build project object structure using XML for faster project design
    * Project can be fully described in XML
    * Easy Export/Import to share projects
    * Native BDCMF and Sony CMF output support
      Creation of Cutting Master Files is done within the application. No need for a separate application.
    * Advanced DTS HD bit-rate balancing technology with support for the new DTS-HD Encoder
    * Project versioning support
    * Advanced Playlist features added
    * Allowable Playlist Gaping in Secondary Video and Audio, and Primary Audio
    * Advanced File System Layout to allow BD-J IO During A/V Playback
    * Enhanced Managed Copy support
    * Windows Vista support 64bit



System Requirements
Workstation class PC with the following minimum capabilities

    * CPU: Pentium core 2 Duo E66650 2.3 GHz and later; Athlon 64x2 5200+ 2.6GHz and later
    * 2GB RAM or higher
    * Two (2) 10K RPM, 200GB Hard Disk Drives for faster multiplexing, image creation and verification. Solid State Drives are recommended to improve muxing speed.
    * Gigabit Ethernet (if networked storage is used)
    * Dual DVI video card with at least 256 MB of Memory
    * Two (2) 1920x1080 enabled wide-screen displays
    * US English Windows XPSP2 32bit
    * Windows Vista support 64bit

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