Borland SilkCentral Test Manger

Software test management for agile and traditional projects

SilkCentralTM Test Manager is a powerful, open software test management solution for both agile and traditional development projects. It provides an integrated framework for improving productivity, traceability and visibility for all types of software testing. Its openness, flexibility and powerful traceability make it the preferred solution for agile or traditional delivery approaches looking to implement a continuous approach to software quality.

SilkCentral Test Manager enables quality teams to continuously synchronize requirements with test plans and cases to keep quality teams up to date on all testing. A sophisticated risk model and reporting system means that quality managers can visualize and balance their resources against business priorities, minimizing risks even when resources are constrained. SilkCentral’s requirements synchronization and risk based testing software make it easy for delivery teams to justify a ‘go or no-go’ release decision based on business priorities.  

As software organizations take up agile development and agile software delivery transformations, test management tools need to support traditional functional testing as well as new agile approaches to testing. New types of stakeholders need to participate in quality assurance without the burden of logging into a new tool to track work. SilkCentral Test Manager is the only solution that provides automatic capabilities to include the tests and test results for both developer oriented test automation and exploratory testing.  SilkCentral’s agile testing capabilities give agile teams a smooth transition to agile quality practices.

  • Requirements driven testing: SilkCentral can continuously synchronize test plans and requirements with CaliberRM, requirements management solution
  • The advanced risk model and reporting systemaligns testing with business risk to optimize risk mitigation under resource constraints
  • Automated configuration testingmeans SilkCentral reduces the cost of test planning and execution in environments with large numbers of configurations to test.
  • Flexible and open integration interfaces:Easy management of tests and test results from existing test frameworks and tools provides comprehensive views of quality
  • Automatic test registrationmeans development and other types of tests can be managed and tracked through automatic registration of tests and results
  • Code coverage for Java and .NETapplications delivers increased management insight into the effectiveness and coverage of different forms of testing
  • SilkCentral results videosgive stakeholders a view of what happened during tests increases the efficiency and throughput of test results processing
  • Dynamic hardware provisioningand load resource management increase productivity and test throughput and accuracy by automating the setup of the application under test environment
  • Remote manual testing visibility provides control and visibility over offshore or geographically dispersed manual testing with a scalable off-line manual test client

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Borland SilkCentral Test Manger

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