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Spice up your SharePoint Lists, SQL, Bamboo List Rollup

 For those of us who do not have MOSS or Excel services and need to have a simple and quick way to chart SharePoint data, Bamboo Chart Plus Web Part provides the most cost-effective way to present your data. Communicate information such as sales per region, issues by categories, task status, or project milestones with several types of charts (i.e. Bar, Pie, Area, Line, etc.) using data from a SharePoint List, a SQL Server Table or View, a Bamboo List Rollup, or MashPoint as the data source for your chart.

Our Chart Plus Web Part is quick to set up and also allows users to further customize the look and feel through a simple XML configuration file. Features include:

Multiple chart types: Bar, Stacked Bar, Line, Area, Stacked Area, Pie, Bubble, and Gantt.
Ability to perform operations such as Summary, Count, Percentage, or Average from un-grouped data.
Multiple data source types, including reading data from SharePoint List, SQL Server Table or View, MashPoint, or the data views created by the Bamboo List Rollup Web Part.
Support for multiple series data in one chart where each series can be a different chart type.
Split series into dual Y axis to display data with different scales.
Pre-built templates for quick formatting.
Allow end users to print a copy of the chart.

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Chart Plus Web Part Download

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