Cisco ScanSafe Web Security

ScanSafe Web Security analyzes every Web request to determine if content is malicious, inappropriate or acceptable based on the defined security policy. This offers effective protection against threats including zero-day threats that would otherwise be successful.

ScanSafe Overview

ScanSafe Web Security is powered by Outbreak Intelligence™ which is comprised of numerous correlated detection technologies, automated machine-learning heuristics, and multiple “scanlets”. Outbreak Intelligence builds a detailed view of each Web request and the associated security risk to ensure that ScanSafe customers use the Web safely.

Outbreak Intelligence scans over 1 billion Web requests a day, in real-time, stopping millions of malware instances and protecting thousands of the most demanding organizations around the world. Outbreak Intelligence scanlets analyze all elements of a Web request including HTML, JavaScript, Flash and active scripts, among others, which when coupled with numerous Context scanlets, offers multiple indicators as to the security posture of each Web request.

  • In-depth security analysis of all Web content as it is requested by end users
  • High performance, secure Web access enabled by a global, multi-tenant infrastructure
  • Powered by Outbreak Intelligence that is proven to block over 20% more malware than traditional security techniques
  • Granular reporting to determine and resolve users that are infected by malware or are at risk

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