HighwayMap manages all stages of the Section 38 highway adoptions and other processes.

It can be used to maintain a comprehensive record of the status and extent of all highway boundaries.  Contact information for developers, solicitors and other relevant parties is stored within the system along with standard letters for each stage of the adoption process. There is the facility to automatically generate and attach copies of letters sent and reminders can be set to ensure that each stage of the process is completed on time.

Keeping track of the current status of every part of the highway can be costly both in terms of time and storage space.

  • HighwayMap lightens the load. Clear, logical menu structures for adoptions

(Section 38)

  • Easy generation of legal documentation and correspondence
  • Scans records for ‘action-required’ and issues reminders during adoption process
  • Full electronic record of all key legal documents
  • Maintains records of all contacts involved in adoption process


  • Highways colour-coded by type and status
  • Links to Address-Point™ to automate mail shot and management of contacts associated with a Highways adoption
  • Tree style interface for easy access to information
  • Complete historical records
  • Distinguishes between provisional and definitive highway boundaries

Maintains Highway status records
The status of each section of the highway network is colour coded on the map, with all relevant documentation attached, for easy reference. Linking or separating specific segments of highway as a result of change of status or classification is easily achieved, with all correspondence automatically combined or copied to the new record.

HighwayMap users can choose their own colour and line styles to distinguish between proposed and definitive highway boundaries. The system updates the colour coding automatically in response to changes in status.

Street gazetteers facilitate speedy access to an area of particular interest, so that routine queries, and clarifications on responsibility for highway maintenance, can be handled with minimum effort.

Manages highway adoptions
HighwayMap includes all stages of the Section 38 process, and links to Microsoft Word templates for automatic document generation. The system enables rapid access to all associated correspondence and legal documents via a single mouse click, and includes a facility to generate reminders for action required at each stage and approaching deadline to assist in the management of the adoption process.

Generate reminders to avoid missed deadlines

Stage 1 Certification, Stage 2 Certification and completion reminder reports are all generated.
Different stages reached by separate phases of the same development are clearly distinguishable on screen.

Flexible recording, querying and reporting
HighwayMap produces a variety of user-configurable reports in which it is possible to specify the level of detail contained, and to obtain summary listing by contractor, stage of adoption, or status of all segments along a particular route. Selections and report styles can be saved for repeated future use, saving time, and ensuring consistency of reporting.

Built in flexibility enables users to include additional fields for storage of supplementary information, while three levels of password access ensures security of data is maintained.

Historical referencing

HighwayMap provides a full historical record of changes in highway status for all parts of the highway network, including adopted highways, in an easily accessible mapping environment.

Diary-style entries provide a summary of all tasks carried out, with changes to highway status automatically added to the record without manual intervention. It is possible to carry out searches and queries by date in response to specific requests for information.

Open systems

HighwayMap has facilities to connect to other systems and to link to external data sources. It is a member of the TraffMap suite of traffic engineering systems that enable many types of information to be viewed simultaneously on the same base map. Base mapping may be read from most GIS servers without replication or conversion.

HighwayMap links to OS Address-Point™ and provision has been made to attach National Street Gazetteer ID references (USRN). 

The program can accept electronic documentation from a wide variety of word processing and spreadsheet packages, while links to Microsoft Word enable the automatic generation of relevant correspondence from within HighwayMap itself. 

Optional import and export facilities enable the viewing of HighwayMap data in most other popular mapping systems.

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