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SPR KnowledgePLAN® is a software tool designed to help you plan software projects.

SPR KnowledgePLAN® is a software tool designed to help you plan software projects. With SPR KnowledgePLAN® you can effectively size your projects and then estimate work, resources, schedule, and defects. You can even evaluate project strengths and weaknesses to determine their impact on quality and productivity.

SPR KnowledgePLAN® provides a complete and rational view of all tradeoffs among features, schedules, quality and costs. You can explore the cost/value implications of additional resources, more powerful languages, development tools, improved methods and other technical changes. You can also track milestones, schedules, resources, actual work effort, and defects found.

SPR KnowledgePLAN® provides a bi-directional interface with project management applications to create an integrated, full life-cycle solution. For convenience, some project management functions such as critical path scheduling are offered.

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KnowledgePlan Licence+1-Yr Download

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