Likewise Enterprise Server

Likewise Enterprise provides seamless integration of Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X systems with Microsoft Active Directory.

Likewise Enterprise provides seamless integration of Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X systems with Microsoft Active Directory. From 50 to 50,000 systems, Likewise Enterprise unifies mixed networks and mixed identity management systems and allows your organization to standardize on Microsoft Active Directory without reducing your choice in operating systems and solutions.

Active Directory authentication for Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X

  • Join non-Windows servers to Microsoft Active Directory in less than five minutes.
  • Provides centralized user management for Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X.
  • Provide a single username and password for all Windows and non-Windows systems.
  • The only solution that does not require extending Active Directory schema to add non-Windows systems to your network.
  • Support for multiple Active Directory forests and one-way and two-way cross-forest trusts.
  • Credential caching in case of temporary loss of connectivity with the Active Directory Domain Controller.
  • Likewise Cell Technology allows custom mapping of AD users to Unix attributes, and can provide users with different primary and secondary group memberships on different systems.

Dual Factor Authentication

  • Smart Card based cryptography encryption in addition to password-based authentication
  • Increased security for audit and compliance requirements

Group Policy-Based Management

  • Leader in Group Policy support – more than 50 policies for Security, Authentication and Identification,
  • Logon, Display, Message, Logging and Audit, File System, and Tasks.
  • Likewise Enterprise is the only solution that enables filtering group policies to apply to specific platforms.
  • Full integration with Microsoft's Group Policy Management Console and Group Policy Object Editor.
  • Enables one to many management of Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X configuration settings.
  • Consistently implement security settings across your entire organization.

Directory Migration

  • Automatically map UIDs and GIDs to users and groups defined in active directory by importing Linux, Unix, and Mac OS password and group files.
  • Migration tools and scripting layer for Likewise Enterprise provide transparent access to user and group data.
  • Likewise Enterprise provides tools to resolve any ambiguous or conflicting user names before committing changes to Active Directory.
  • Generate scripts to automate associating Linux and Unix users and groups with users and groups in Microsoft Active Directory.

Reporting and Auditing Tools

  • Includes pre-defined reports to make it easy to view access privileges for all users, groups, containers, and systems managed with Likewise Enterprise.
  • Reports can be saved as HTML, XML, or CSV for use with third-party reporting tools like Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, and others.
  • Likewise Enterprise supports customization of output by filtering, scoping, column selection, and data limits.
  • Easily generate a report that displays what settings within group policies are enabled for Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X systems through the Group Policy Management Console.

Single Sign On for Enterprise Applications

  • Enables Single Sign-On (SSO) for any enterprise application that supports Kerberos or LDAP, including Samba, Apache, SSH, NFS, Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, SAP, Oracle, and MySQL.
  • Built-in support for SSH, Samba, and Apache.

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