List Pro v3.0

The Ultimate data viewer

FarPoint's List Pro contains the most powerful list box and combo box development components. These extremely robust controls allow you to display up to two billion list items, display single records or items on multiple rows, merge cell text for easier viewing, search for specific list items, or sort list items using unlimited keys. List Pro has over two hundred properties that you can use to further customize the look and feel of the controls. Together, these features help make List Pro the Ultimate Data Viewer.


New Features

•Support OLE drag-and-drop operations
•Display text tips when the pointer is over a header or list item
•Automatically adjust the height of rows to accommodate a change in font characteristics
•Display the list of a combo box above or below the edit field
•Resize the last column beyond the control border
•Use the F4 key to display and close drop-down list
•Support Microsoft's IntelliMouse® feature
•Support extended multiselect keyboard interface
•Sort date type list items by date values
•Automatically display matching list item as user types characters in the combo box edit field
•Specify the three-dimensional appearance of the drop-down button
•Query the column level number, parent group, or position in parent of the target source after a drag-and-drop operation occurs
•Specify the margin between the edit field text and the edit field borders for the combo box control
•Display ellipsis points at the end of the text line when text does not fit the column or group width
•Query the maximum height or width of a cell, column, row, or header based on the current text, current picture, or both
•Hide rows in the list, preventing it from being selected
•Use a format string for data display in bound and unbound controls (Visual Basic)
•Query whether horizontal or vertical scroll bars are visible
•Control when the combo box or list box repaints
•Specify the column or row as variants when using the ColList or List properties 

General Features

•Include up to 2 billion list items in your control
•Select single or multiple list items
•Display data in single or multiple columns
•Using ReadOnly mode and create a powerful database viewer that allows you to quickly scroll through data using the arrow keys or the mouse
•Develop for the Internet or Intranet with digitally signed ActiveX controls
•Use the List Designer to easily access the features of the listbox or combobox at design-time (VBX and ActiveX only)

Custom Appearance

•Insert bitmaps or icons into any column or row
•Assign foreground and background colors to any cell, row, column, header, or group
•Customize column headers by changing the text, header 3-D appearance, text 3-D style, or color
•Customize the application of 3-D effects (one row, odd rows, even rows, all rows, spacing of rows, or the text)
•Optionally display a drop shadow on the control at all times or only when the control receives focus
•Display flat or 3-D lines between columns, rows, or both
•Change the orientation of text (horizontal, vertical LTR, vertical RTL, rotate down, rotate up or invert) 
List Box / Combo Box Controls

•Select, deselect or delete rows
•Insert or delete columns and groups
•Allow the user to drag and drop single columns or groups of columns
•Search the list using the Action property
•Hide entire columns or lock columns from being resized at run-time
•Choose from three combo box styles (drop-down combo, simple combo, or drop- down list)
•Assign different pictures to the selected and unselected states
•Customize the look and feel of the control with over 200 properties 
Header Grouping

•Create multiple levels of column or group headers
•Define any number of columns or groups as children of other groups
•Allow a single record or a group of data to span across multiple rows
•For easier viewing of the data merge column cells that contain identical text 
Data Binding

•Use the Virtual Data Manager in bound or unbound mode to quickly display large data files
•Use Visual Basic to bind separate data controls to the combo box's drop-down list and edit portion
•Customize binding of individual columns by using the ColDataField property
•Specify a virtual page size (number of pages that will be stored in memory) to optimize virtual memory 
Sort and Search

•Specify an unlimited number of sort keys
•Optionally sort single or multiple column data in ascending or descending order
•Sort by alphabetical or numerical order
•Choose an automatic search method (single item, single item greater or equal to a character, or multiple characters)
•Perform manual searches by specifying the Search Method (Exact Match, Greater or Equal, or Partial)


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List Pro v3.0

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