OPSWAT Metascan

Metascan Antivirus Engine and SDK provides IT professionals and software engineers with an easy way to enhance network security and integrate multiple antivirus scanning technologies and URL filtering into their proprietary solutions.

Metascan is a scalable, high-performance super antivirus scan engine, which software developers can easily integrate into many third party application and devices. This product is available in multiple packaging options with or without embedded, licensed AV engines.  Metascan can extract many files and file archives (including ISO, ZIP, MSI, etc.), and detect over 400 file types including PDF, DOC and EXE formats.

Metascan also integrates into network service layers via the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP 1.0) protocol, a common interface for content scanning in proxy applications such as SQUID. In addition, the scan engine includes an SDK for client-side ICAP to allow C++, Java and C for .NET integrations.

  • Resilient and scalable architecture aimed at high performance servers
  • Secure file transfer (upload/download)
  • White-listing trusted applications and processes            
  • Support for both physical and virtual environments
  • Flexibility to scan both static files and the boot sector
  • Ability to auto recover from engine failovers
  • Intelligent logging and reporting features
  • Improved handling of encrypted archives

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