Project Management Suite

Measure project performance, track deliverable completion, visually communicate project status, and efficiently communicate with

The Bamboo Project Management Suite provides a select set of Bamboo products that, together, deliver a complete Project Management solution to help you keep your projects on track and on schedule. You can automate and manage notifications to all project team members to keep task status up-to-date, provide project health stats and measurement of key performance indicators to upper management, pull data from multiple project sites into one list for reporting status, and more. This suite helps you to maintain all your project data ensuring that you and your project team always have the most up-to-date project information at your fingertips.
The Bamboo Project Management Suite combines SharePoint Project Management CentralTM with a powerful Project Management Component Library.  This combination provides the best of both worlds: a powerful ready-to-use project management application, and a complete toolkit that allows you to extend the value of SharePoint in your organization.

  • Alert Plus (HW05)
  • Alerts Administrator (HW39)
  • Bamboo Column Level Security (HW41G)
  • Bamboo KPI (HW41J)
  • Bamboo Lookup Selector (HW41AB)
  • Bamboo Rich Text (HW41C)
  • Bamboo Validator Column (HW41E)
  • Bamboo Visual Indicator (HW41D)
  • Bamboo Custom Identifier (HW41H)(New Product!)
  • Calendar Plus (HW20)
  • Chart Plus (HW27)
  • Cross List (HW09)
  • Data-Viewer (HW37)
  • Group Email (HW14)
  • List Integrity (HW01)
  • List Print (HW50) 
  •  List Rollup (HW24)
  • List Search Advanced (HW11B)
  • List Search Simple (HW11A)
  • Mini-Calendar (HW22)
  • My Alerts Organizer (HW40)
  • SharePoint File Share Library (HW60)
  • SharePoint Filters Collection (HW61)
  • SharePoint Navigators (HW55)
  • SharePoint Project Management CentralTM (SA12)
  • SharePoint Project Portfolio Dashboard (SA35)
  • SharePoint Task Master (HW45)
  • Site Creation Plus (HW28)
  • Team Calendar (HW34)
  • Tree View (HW03)
  • SharePoint In/Out Schedule Board (SA06)

In addition to significant product licensing savings, you can save on future Bamboo products with the purchase of the Premium Annual Support. This support option includes automatic quarterly updates containing any new products that are added into the Suite during an entire year - at no additional cost!

Products just added to the Project Management Suite:

SharePoint File Share Library
A wholesale import of documents, images, and other file types into SharePoint isn't always practical. The SharePoint File Share Library allows you leave files where they are - yet still enable users to work with them in SharePoint. Its ability to map network drives to familiar SharePoint Document Libraries results in seamless file integration for your end users and fewer mass import headaches for you.

Bamboo Custom Identifier
This new product allows you to generate customized unique values for your SharePoint list items. Much more than a simple number generator, you define the format of auto-generated values using text, date, system and column values of your choice. Additionally, this product ensures that values are unique within a single list and even across sites

SharePoint 2007:

Operating System:  Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 
Server:  SharePoint Release 3:
  - Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services v3 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 With Service Pack 2
  - Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0 
Browser:  Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher  

SharePoint 2010:

Operating System:  Microsoft Windows Server 2008 
Server:  Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 
Browser:  Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher  

SharePoint 2007:

July 2008 Released Q3 2008

SharePoint 2010:

August 2010 Released Q3 2010

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Project Management Suite

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