Radius Test 1-User Licence Download

Radius Test 1-User Licence Download

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RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) is an Internet standard defined in RFC 2865. Internet service providers use RADIUS to authenticate dial-in users. RADIUS was subsequently extended to support accounting as defined in RFC 2866.

RADIUS allows vendors to add attributes relevant to them as part of aforementioned messages. This enables vendors to essentially extend the RADIUS implementation while allowing them to carry business critical information in these messages - this is done via vendor-specific-attributes (VSAs). VSAs, while offering flexibility, preclude interoperability with standard RADIUS servers. Also, there seems to be a general lack of elegant tools to add VSAs.

To solve the interoperability due to VSAs, We implement a GUI based extensible RADIUS testing tool. the GUI tool will offer users the ability to add standard RADIUS attributes such as IP address,port etc, and most importantly, the ability to add VSAs of their choices. After simple parsing, these attributes including VSAs will be encrypted using MD5,then sent to server throught UDP port.

  • Easy-to-Use Windows Interface, simple setup lets you start right away
  • Support upload and delete Vendor Dictionaries. This will provide access to the associated Vendor Specific Attributes for use in Functional and Performance tests.
  • Attribute profiles allow you to store multiple sets of authentication or accounting requests for various purposes.
  • Repeat send packet.
  • Send packet in parallel.
  • Schedule Sending packet.
  • Provide two command-line tools (radclient.exe and radeapclient.exe) that you can use to do a more in-depth tests.

MS Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT4.x and 2008/2003 Server.

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