RemoteScan Enterprise

RemoteScan Enterprise™ is the software solution for scanning directly from any TWAIN or WIA compliant scanner into any hosted software. Use RemoteScan Enterprise with all EMR, document management, financial and any other software application that runs on any Windows Terminal Server, Remote Desktop, Citrix or XenDestop Server.

Since 2003, RemoteScan has been the accepted standard in hassle-free scanner connectivity.
  • RemoteScan Supports:
  • Scanners with EMR & EHR software.
  • Scanners with Freight and Transportation software.
  • Scanners with Financial and Accounting software.
  • Works with any document management system.
  • Works with all modern document scanners, and supports:
    - Page Feeders.
    - Card Scanners.
    - Duplex Scanning.
    - Slides/Transparencies.
    - High capacity scanners.
  • Server 2008 with any TWAIN scanner.
  • All versions of RDP protocol.
  • All versions of ICA protocol.
  • Citrix® Scanning.
  • Customizable Interfaces.
  • Automatic Installation. Available in 6 Languages.
  • Automated Templates for scanning consistency.
  • Compressed Image Transfer.
  • Convert any scanner into a full-featured Network Scanner.
  • Customers in 120 Countries.

Scanner Requirements

Any scanner which is TWAIN or WIA compliant (RemoteScan works with all modern scanners).
Click here for list of scanner manufacturers and full list of tested scanner drivers.

RemoteScan for LAN requirements

Any PC with Windows® operating system installed (Windows 98 or newer) with a scanner directly attached.
Any PC with Windows® operating system installed (Windows 98 or newer) that is connected to your LAN will then be able to access the scanner.

RemoteScan for Terminal Services / Citrix® or any other RDP or ICA environment requirements

Any Terminal Services Server or Citrix Server (all versions of Terminal Services supported, all versions of Citrix® / Xen... supported).
PC\'s which will have scanners attached need to have Windows® operating system installed (Windows 98 or newer).
Thin Client devices which will have scanners attached must have the Windows® XPe or Windows® Embedded operating system installed.

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RemoteScan Enterprise

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