Safari Business Library 5-User 1 Year License

Safari Books Online is an on-demand, fully searchable digital library that gives subscribers access to thousands of books and videos for technology, business and creative professionals. Focused specifically on business and management subjects, the Safari Business Library is a comprehensive collection of practical insight, useful information and learning tools from renown publishers like O’Reilly Media, John Wiley & Sons, Addison-Wesley Professional, FT Press, AMACOM, IGI Global, McGraw Hill, The Success Training Network, Skill-Pill and many more.

You will immediately recognize the benefits of subscribing to the Safari Business Library. Managers, workgroups and individuals throughout your organization have instant access to thousands of business-related books, videos, and articles from top publishers, respected authors and wellknown experts. The Safari Business Library was created just for business professionals looking for a broad range of up-to-date information for career and personal development.

  • Keep expertise and skill sets current.
  • Learn new skills and update professional certifications.
  • Stay abreast of the latest management trends and best practices.
  • Outsmart the competition with fresh sales and marketing strategies.
  • Find answers to questions and share the information with coworkers.
  • Read text online and highlight, tag, annotate, and bookmark whole books
  • or chapters.
  • Create, print and share customizable summaries of tags, notes and highlights.
  • Save books and videos in customizable folders and share the folders
  • with others.
  • Download and save whole books or chapters to read offline.
  • Learn from the community by reading user reviews and ratings on books
  • and videos, or create reviews or ratings.

Content you’ll find in the Safari Business Library

Business Management—Essentialbooks by business leaders and authorities on topics such as current affairs, HR, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, project management, leadership development, employee training and development, using social media and creating successful marketing strategies.

Training Videos—An extensive collection of online videos provides top-notch instruction led by inspirational business professionals and training experts from O’Reilly Media, Addison-Wesley Professional, The Success Training Network, XTrain, Skill-Pill, The Success Training Network and more.

Rough Cuts—Only available from Safari Books Online, you can read these manuscripts in progress and participate in dialogues with authors and other subscribers about a book’s content while it’s being written. Email notifications alert you to new versions as the book develops.

Short Cuts—Articles that our publishers produce to describe technologies and topics that are too early in their life cycles to merit entire books dedicated to them. Included in the collection are Elements and Shorts from FT Press, concise and straightto-the-point insights from great business minds.

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Safari Business Library 5-User 1 Year License

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