SharePoint File Share Library

Provide users with access to files living on network file shares directly from SharePoint Document Libraries with the

Why bring all the files stored on your network file shares to SharePoint when you can bring SharePoint to them?

Today, many companies have files they want to manage in SharePoint - some files being quite large (exceeding 200MB). To do this, however, raises some important concerns:

  • These files are usually stored on the file system in one folder instead of having a directory structure.
  • Since SharePoint stores these files in the SharePoint database, the database can become too large, too quickly.
  • Need to have the option to maintain some files in the file system and some in the SharePoint Document Library directly.
  • Want to have the meta data that SharePoint Libraries offer in order to maintain the directories for files that are in the file system.
  • Want to get users up and running on SharePoint as quickly as possible without having to wait on Administrative resources to upload large quantities of documents per user or department.

If you have even ONE of these concerns, then the SharePoint File Share Library is the solution. It is a customized SharePoint Document Library that retains much of the characteristics and functions of a Document Library. However, its additional features include automatically mapping the library to a network drive and displaying the files and folder structure on the network file share as if they are in the library. This way you have the benefit of the meta data offered in the SharePoint Library as well as access to your file share files. You can also upload files directly to the File Share Library and have files that are mapped to the file share all in the same library.

A wholesale import of documents, images, and other file types into SharePoint isn't always practical. By removing the chore of undertaking a mass import of files, the File Share Library enables users to become productive immediately, while administrators are free to focus on other aspects of the SharePoint implementation.  With the help of the File Share Library, files can be moved to SharePoint gradually or all at once at your convenience. 

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SharePoint File Share Library

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