Sharepoint Task Master

Keep your tasks, dependencies, constraints and schedules within a project or between projects in sync.

No more guessing when your projects will deliver.

Managing multiple projects and the resources spread across these projects can be difficult when the project is complex and contains tasks that depend on the successful completion of other tasks or projects. An important aspect of the project schedule is the ability to identify the overall schedule impact when the due date of any one task is changed. SharePoint out of the box offers a basic Project Tasks list with a Gantt view, but it is lacking in the real world application of effectively communicating project task status, priority, milestones and dependencies.

The SharePoint Task Master offers a Gantt view with drag-and-drop functionality, where you can quickly create and edit tasks, color code tasks by priority or status, and set up task dependencies. Identify milestones, configure which columns are displayed along with the Gantt chart, and set whether task information is displayed next to the Gantt bar. Create parent and child tasks and configure them so that the parent task start and due dates change based on any changes made in the start or due dates of its child tasks.

  • Estimate task timeline using either Start Date and Due Date, Start Date and Duration, or Start Date and Work. Coming Soon!
  • Assign Unit feature, which allows resources to work on a task as little as 25% or as much as 100%. Coming Soon!
  • Text wrapping. Coming Soon!
  • "Undo" option. Coming Soon!
  • Run Time Filter Connection, which allows users to filter by Assigned To, All Tasks, Active Tasks, Milestone, etc., or Display All. Coming Soon!
  • New pane on the user interface that displays Task Summaries as a folder and subfolders in a tree view. When users click on the folder, the tasks show on the right pane. Coming Soon!
  • Option to edit multiple items. Coming Soon!
  • Set Task Master to automatically expand or collapse tasks with subtasks. New!
  • Return to the default Task Master view by clicking the Default button on the toolbar. New!
  • Work column that calculates the amount of work the task requires. Select the column that contains your task-assigned team members to automatically calculate the required work. New!
  • Change the font size, style and color of the different task levels. New!
  • Set the Duration column to be displayed in minutes, hours or days. New!
  • Set the font color, size and style for the Milestone label. New!
  • Calculate the percent complete by totaling then averaging the percentage of the tasks in the Web Part. New!
  • Allow users to display Task items in batches of specified number of items per page, e.g. 50 items per page. This option can be selected in the tool pane Gantt View Display Settings section. New!
  • Supported by our new Web License Manager. New!
  • Drag-and-drop Gantt bar interface to move tasks from one parent task to another.
  • Assign Finish-to-Start dependencies between tasks.
  • Show Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of project tasks.
  • Zoom in or out on the Gantt timeline to see more or fewer tasks in the Gantt chart.
  • Dynamically view tasks by Day, Week, Month or Year.
  • Create, edit or delete a project task directly from the Gantt view.
  • Show the color-coding legend at the bottom of the Gantt chart.
  • Automatically creates the Bamboo Project Task List when you add the Web Part to a page. This list allows you to begin setting up your project tasks immediately after configuring the Web Part.
  • Use an existing Task or Project Task List instead of the Bamboo Project Task List.
  • Edit an item using the standard SharePoint context menu in the Title column.
  • Print your Gantt chart.
  • Configure which columns display with the Gantt chart (i.e. WBS, Title, Due Date, Assigned To, etc.)
  • Color code any choice column available in the Bamboo Project Task List or your own existing list.
  • Set the progress bar color and indicate which column contains the progress bar information.
  • Configure the color of the project milestones.
  • Customize the language used in the Web Part interface and the tool pane.
    Set the default Gantt view timeline and dynamically change the scale from the Web Part toolbar (i.e. Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year).
  • Show the week number and days in the Week, Month and Quarter views.
  • Enforce working hours for tasks to ensure accurate timelines for projects.
  • Set task constraints such as Must Start On, Start No Earlier Than, Start No Later Than and As Soon As Possible.
  • Select the related task information to display next to the Milestone icon in the Gantt chart.
  • Set to autodetect client monitor resolution by adjusting the size of the Gantt chart accordingly, or set a fixed width in pixels.
  • View a particular date of your project with the Go to Date button on the Web Part toolbar.

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Sharepoint Task Master

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