Siemens IC4+Emulator software

The IC4 system is an easy to use tool for generating configuration data sets for Siemens controllers. Coupled with the optional emulator facility, it provides an effective solution to the configuratio

IC4 emulator - The optional emulator is a feature-rich tool, which links seamlessly with IC4 to provide an advanced environment for de-bugging and proving controller configurations. Using the same software source files as the controller firmware, it ensures a highly accurate representation of the controller operation on a PC.

  • Advanced emulation of controller operation
  • Easy to understand representation of signal heads, detector inputs etc.
  • Graphical representation of intersections
  • Full handset and manual panel functionality
  • Extensive configuration de-bugging aids with user-programmable controller status display
  • Seamless linking with IC4 configuration data.

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Siemens IC4+Emulator software

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