Siemens IC4 Software Dongle CD

The IC4 system is an easy to use tool for generating configuration data sets for Siemens controllers. Coupled with the optional emulator facility, it provides an effective solution to the configuratio

C4 configurator - IC4 is a Windows-based system providing advanced features for the entry and validation of data required to configure Siemens controllers.

Data is entered via a series of forms and is validated for correctness as part of a sophisticated error-checking process. 

Enhanced navigation aids and selectable levels of configuration complexity insulate the user from controller facilities that are not being used, simplifying the configuration process.

  • Easy to use
  • Context sensitive on-line help
  • Enhanced navigation aids with selectable level of complexity for less frequent users
  • Configuration file held as part of PROM data in controller preventing loss of data
  • Automated management of handset changes made on street
  • Data import from IC3 and Linsig™
  • Simple installation

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Siemens IC4 Software Dongle CD

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