SkillBuilders 6-in-1

This lovely series helps pupils to practice and consolidate simple skills.

They are suitable for pupils of 3 to 13 years and can be used with either a mouse or switch. Any pupil who needs to concentrate on a specific skill, such as word-picture association or developing visual memory, will benefit.

Each program contains:

  • Four focused tasks at four levels.
  • Eight familiar topics.
  • Configurable options and speech support.
  • Clear images and simple interface.
  • Skill Builders Vol 1 - Identification Skills
  • Skill Builders Vol 1 - Memory Skills
  • Skill Builders Vol 1 - Observation Skills
  • Skill Builders Vol 2 - Listening Skills
  • Skill Builders Vol 2 - Matching Skills
  • Skill Builders Vol 2 - Sorting Skills

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SkillBuilders 6-in-1

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