Smart Pick List

Dynamic Picks Lists and Dynamic Cascading Pick Lists Are A Snap ... But you also get MUCH more!

  • SPL supports your CE 9 and CE 10 environments TODAY out-of-the-box for ePortfolio or you can use our SDK to integrate with your custom environments (the same SDK we used to build our ePortfolio integration).
  • SPL does not require you to open your reports and create new dynamic and/or cascading parameters and then save your report back -- which is exactly what you\'ll need to do with CR XI / BOE XI.
  • SPL never modifies your report. Instead, you tell SPL which reports you want SPL to manage and configure for the parameters appropriate settings (and now with ALIASes you can configure it once for same / similar parameters -- see below in what\'s coming with SPL 3).
  • SPL has many powerful features for dynamic / dynamic with cascading parameters that CR XI / BOE XI do not. Features today like: Enabling * for parameters without modifying report, 6 different web styles to present the parameter selection screen, highly optimized browser to server communication -- reducing the data sent between them, ability to modify web control look and feel (color, fonts, even force a list box to be check boxes) feel without ever touching a single line of the web frontend code, ability to use iFrames or Pop-ups depending on browser, and many more. SPL continues to innovate at a much faster pace and we\'re always open to your ideas and suggestions.
  • SPL with support for XI is currently in development and will be FREE to customers on current maintenance.
  • Imagine having 10 reports with 5 parameters each. And in each report you have the same parameter (can be named same or slightly different)
  • i.e. each report contains a parameter called COUNTRY and you want to always use same settings for this parameter across the reports to retrieve the values.
  • Now you can define an ALIAS called COUNTRY (or any meaningful name you decide to call the ALIAS) and then specify the table/view, field, SQL, etc. to use.
  • Then apply this setting to multiple parameters. Any changes you make to the ALIAS will automatically be used by the parameter(s) using this ALIAS.
  • You can turn the ALIAS feature on globally to match automatically by Name (and turn off specific one if you choose), apply the ALIAS to any parameter (irregardless of name), and even turn off specific ALIAS properties from inheriting on specific parameters.

In other words -- the power of inheritance with override!

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Smart Pick List

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