Is the ideal tool for storage, analysis and assessment of parking survey data.

It provides instant access to information and flexibility during analysis and reporting that could make trawling through numerous hard copy reports and spreadsheets a thing of the past. SurveyMap was developed in association with Colin Buchanan and The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


  • Preparation of traffic and transport observations on planning applications
  • Assistance with policy reviews to maximise the supply of parking, by helping to refine the different restriction types deployed based on their current demand
  • dentification of locations with high or low parking pressure
  • Analysis of the need for and impact of parking schemes, such as CPZs, or extending controlled hours, or suitability of ‘zoning’ areas
  • Analysing the occupancy of metered bays to help set appropriate tariff levels
  • Identification of illegal parking ‘hotspots’


  • Consolidate all existing and future survey data into a single database
  • Simple data input function
  • Flexible analysis:
  • select analysis for any street, combination of streets or area
  • any combination of parking regulations and vehicle types
  • View survey findings on OS maps
  • Produce reports on survey findings


  • Draw parking regulations onto OS maps with ease
  • Ability to link in existing TROs, directly from an existing ParkMap system

SurveyMap Analysis Features
The system enables the user to undertake very flexible and detailed analysis and reporting of their survey data to identify supply and demand, including the following:

Selection of ‘areas’ for analysis

  • For any section of restriction
  • For any number of sections of parking restriction
  • By section of street
  • By street
  • For any selected area
  • For an area lying within a distance from a point
  • For a Council Ward
  • For a parking zone or CPZ
  • For a selection of parking zones and CPZs
  • Citywide

Categories for analysis

  • By time period
  • By restriction type/s

Occupancy calculated based on either (a) parked vehicles or (b) actual available space for parking. 

Analysis at the Regulation level
If parking regulations are mapped into the system, and/or ParkMap data transcribed, the capability exists to input and analyse data at a more detailed ‘Regulation’ level i.e. every individual section of parking regulation on a street. The length (m) of each section, used to calculate occupancy during analysis, is captured directly from the map.

Map parking regulations direct from a traffic order system
It is simple to draw and reference your proposed or current parking regulations on the map, and/or link in your existing ParkMap data.
This is not a requirement however, and with the exception of analysis at the ‘Regulation’ level, you can still use the system to analyse parking data from surveyed streets.

SurveyMap Outputs
Findings can be displayed on-screen in information tables, or as detailed reports, which can then be saved as ‘Word’ or ‘Crystal Reports’ documents or exported to Excel. OS maps of parking supply can be viewed on screen with a ‘Key’ for all restrictions, and printed to any scale and on any paper size. These maps can be colour coded based on different criteria such as: levels of occupancy on sections of restriction or streets/sections of streets, for any selection of regulation types required (for example residents' bays only) and for set time periods of interest (overnight or daytime etc).

Open systems
SurveyMap has facilities to connect to other systems and to link to external data sources. As a member of the TraffMap suite of traffic engineering systems, SurveyMap can be used to view many types of information simultaneously.  Base mapping may be read from most GIS servers.   Data import and export to standard formats protects the security and value of the investment made in assembling data, as well as providing interoperability with almost any other GIS including internet and intranet systems. An NSG-compliant or other gazetteer may be linked, and its references automatically incorporated into SurveyMap data.

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