User Management Solution Accelerator

Spend less time managing SharePoint user accounts using a single administration console for adding, editing, removing and cloning user access security. Manage SharePoint groups and site access through

Easily manage users and groups across the Farm from one location.

The Bamboo User Management Solution Accelerator provides administrators with a user-friendly, SharePoint-based application to maintain and organize user access security information across a SharePoint environment. Keep large quantities of user information from becoming unwieldy, streamline the management of user accounts and SharePoint group control, and secure data integrity. Create, modify or remove both users and groups from a single interface. Create users with multiple group access instead of having to do it one group at a time. Clone existing users, matching security access to new users in a single step. The tree-based navigation provides for flexible user viewing options through name, organization and site drill down. The SharePoint group display capability alleviates the tedious task of looking into each group to see if a particular user has membership.

  • Unlimited User Count
    Get the full benefit of User Management across your entire farm for one price, no matter how many users are in your organization.
  • Centralized User and Group Management
    View and manage all of your users and groups from a single location.
  • Improved User Access Permission Control via Central Administration
    Restrict which users can manage user accounts from a centralized authorized user list.


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User Management Solution Accelerator

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