PA WatchDISK scans directory structures and stores the sizes of each directory.

PA WatchDISK scans directory structures and stores the sizes of each directory. These stored sizes provide a historical snapshot of your server's disk space usage on a directory by directory basis. Comparing current sizes to previous sizes allows you to very quickly see which directories have grown and project future disk capacity needs.

PA WatchDISK's intelligent sorting, simple drill-down user interface, and reports make it easy to quickly find the information you need.

Naturally low disk space alerts haven't been forgotten. But PA WatchDISK goes one step further: Besides just alerting on low disk space, it can alert you on significant changes in disk space usage as well.

  • Automated alerts that allow PA WatchDISK to warn you of disk space that 'disappears', without having to keep PA WatchDISK continually running. PA WatchDISK uses the Microsoft Task Scheduler to schedule alerts.
  • A variety of notification methods
  • (SMTP e-mail message, NT event log, pager...) to notify you when an automated alert is triggered
  • PA WatchDISK can generate graphic reports by automatically sending data to Microsoft Excel and creating graphs at the click of a button.
  • Data can be saved to the included Access database, or to your existing MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server (including the MSDE edition) installation.
  • An effectively unlimited number of directories can be scanned, and an unlimited number of scans can be kept in the database. Older scans can be automatically cleaned out to keep the database file managable.
  • Command line support for use in automated scripts of your own making
  • Scan drives that are thousands of Terabytes in size
  • Ability to scan directories with an unlimited number of subdirectories
  • Scan data is saved and can be compared side by side to easily see where the disk space is being used
  • Scan data can be exported to file or printed in CSV, Text and HTML formats and imported into most spreadsheets
  • Data is collected on files by type, so you can find out how much space is being used by file extension
  • Print Disk Space Reports that display only the number of columns you're interested in
  • Ability to check the Internet for updates (via the About Box)

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