eaDocX Professional Edition

The MS Word and Excel document generator! Add-In for Enterprise Architect, producing ready to publish high quality documents in a couple of clicks. All your EA content printed exactly the way you want

Are you struggling to print your Enterprise Architect models in the built-in EA document generator? Does documentation and printing take longer than your actual job? eaDocX can help you out to produce professional looking, readable and accurate documents from any EA model.

eaDocX Pro

eaDocX is Easy to Use:

  • Clean GUI interface for content management, built into Word or Excel
  • Assign unique formatting for each EA element, and each stereotype
  • No need for rtf or scripting

eaDocX Provides the Quality Your EA Models Deserve:

  • Print all your EA content: diagrams, packages, elements and project data
  • Use common Word styles and formats
  • Auto-generate charts, hyper-links, change marking, document information and glossary

eaDocX Improve Project Deliverables:

  • Produce custom reports to quickly identify gaps and overlaps
  • Use conditional formatting rules to highlight specific information (or gaps)
  • Keep stakeholders happy with targetted documents

eaDocX Saves Time and Money:

  • Edit and import EA data fast using Excel
  • Re-use your model data for many audiences and in many formats
  • Update your project documents with 2 clicks

Download a fully functional 30-day trial here.  

With eaDocX Professional Edition you can:

  • Print all EA data including Project data and all kinds of diagrams including notes.
  • Format elements as tables, paragraphs, or a combination, Using Word Styles and Word Table styles.
  • Include relationship information and auto-generated hyperlinks between related elements.
  • Add Manual cross references, linked documents.
  • Produce collated Element Reports of elements wherever they are in your model.
  • Report and print using sorting and filtering options, plus use Compact documents to suppress empty headers.
  • Create Matrix Reports including multiple source/target attributes and choice of relationships.
  • Conditional Formatting and text/data replacement.
  • Quick document - instant project view.
  • Generate options - Full, draft and document sets.
  • Auto-generate Adding a Glossary, document information and change marking.

Need more features? eaDocX Corporate Edition can do everything that the Professional version can, plus a lot more:

  • Save each document version as it is generated
  • Capture and print Document History and Referenced documents
  • Capture and print Document Reviewers/Owners/Contributors
  • Export EA Element data to Excel by Package or Element type
  • Perform data changes in Excel (update existing or add new attributes / TV's)
  • Compare Excel spreadsheet data with exported EA data
  • Import Excel data directly into EA
  • Include Excel spreadsheets in documents
  • Include Excel charts in documents



  • Operating System

Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0 Microsoft Word

Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010.

Note: eaDocX will NOT work with Word 2010 where Word is used in the new Click-to-Run style, as this only downloads parts of the Word application, and not the parts which eaDocX uses. eaDocX works fine with fully-installed 2010.

  • Enterprise Architect

V8.0 (Ultimate, Corporate, desktop or EA Lite), and all later versions

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